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Mondays 7:30pm   (bring a MAT, theme; GLUTES)

Tuesdays 7pm  (bring a MAT, theme; ABS)

Wednesdays 7pm (bring a MAT, theme :upper body)

Fridays 6:30pm  (Dance)

Greek Church; 1230 Newfield Ave, Stamford CT.

$10/class OR $80/10 classes. Kids under 13 FREE

Try the class for FREE! 

Upcoming Master Zumba 8/22/15 @10am, 1230 Newfield Ave, Stamford CT.

Meet your Instructor:

With an Argentinean and Chilean background, I have been a Zumba instructor for over 7 years now. I have always wanted to promote fitness and health and I found Zumba to be an excellent way to do so. Zumba brings people of all ages together for an intense workout with great results. Kids love the moves and adults experience the heat of Latin dancing while burning hundreds of calories!!!




Today, I am proud to share with you that my class size ranges from 50-70 people, and I still manage to dedicate to every single participant in the room!

My Zumba instructing services are available for events including birthday parties of all ages and weddings. Contact me with any questions or special requests (references available for events).

Outside Zumba, I am a full time  registered nurse, fitness instructor in Stamford,CT.

What enriches my soul is to see people smile, laugh and enjoy while performing such a high intensity workout. Allow me to accentuate the well-being within you through an explosive workout!!!!
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Facebook: Shaira Mitchell-Cohen



Master Zumba Classes (Next one 8/22/15)

Have you ever challenged yourself to a Master Zumba Class?

What is a Master Zumba Class?  Imagine a room full of  Zumba fans joined together for a 90 minute SUPER intense Zumba class.

How often are Master Zumba Classes held? Once every 3-4 months.

What are the requirements to take a Master Zumba Class? None! Beginners to advanced participants welcome.

 Why are Master Zumba Classes so special?

The gathering together as a large group of Zumba fans creates an enviroment full of energy, one that challenges your expectations of a workout. This is not just another Zumba class, this is the MOTHER of all Zumba gatherings. Dont think you have the energy to pull 90min worth of an intense workout? Allow me to show you otherwise. Picture this: 100+ people in a club like enviroment with lights, impecable sound system, a performing stage... Not the usual gym like environment ;-)  

Where do I get tickets?
Contact me via e-mail, facebook, or phone as they are sold 1 month in advance due to limitted capacity (100 capacity per event).

How Much?   $15.

ZUMBA Master II, YMCA Stamford 2011
ZUMBA Master April 27th, 2012. Night Club ELITE STamford CT
ZUMBA Master July 27th, 2012. Night Club ELITE Stamford CT
Master Zumba December 7th (Sandy Hurracain Victims, charrity event).

Master Zumba 2/2/13 with SHAIRA!!!

Boot Camp Style

Charity Event: Raising money for young kids, 2013. 

Charity Event, raising money for kids. Summer of 2013. 

AITE High School Charity event, 


Sophmore class of 2014.

Charity Event, Soup Kitchen Stamford. 

Able to raise over $2,000! and 

hundreds of nonperishable foods ;)

Master Zumba with Chelsea Fisher and myself.
Master Zumba with Chris Power and myself

Licensed To Teach

  • Zumba BasicZumba Basic
    License to teach regular Zumba® classes.